Vegan poutine in Vancouver

Reviews and listings to answer a vital question question: where to get good vegan poutine in Vancouver? Comments and suggestions welcome (click here).

Good Dogs Plant Food

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This is the hands-down winner: the best vegan poutine in Vancouver. Delicious gravy, perfectly fried chips (fries), and stringy cheese. (It’s actually Daiya mozzarella: Daiya cheese is normally nothing special, but may be the best choice for poutine.) Well worth going out of your way for. On top of that, you’re eating in a lovely restaurant with a menu that’s not just all vegan but also really good food, created by a chef who does great things with flavours and textures.


Website | Maps: Gastown, Yaletown, Main Street

A solid vegan poutine at this three-branch Vancouver vegetarian comfort-food chain.

The Templeton

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Wonderful old-fashioned diner with plenty of vegan options including a good (and generous) poutine, with a tasty mushroom gravy.

Fritz European Fry House

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This little chips (fries) takeaway has a few seats that may or may not be free, and the atmosphere’s pleasant. Another solid vegan poutine: the chips are particularly well fried, with just the right amount of crunch.