Medical assistance in dying: suggestions for additional terms for BC waiver of final consent form 1645

Below is wording that, where appropriate, I suggest to BC patients who are considering agreeing a waiver of final consent with me as their MAiD provider. Obviously, any additional terms in any waiver must exactly reflect the individual patient’s wishes, and be acceptable to the individual provider.

  • If I lose capacity, I request that those caring for me promptly contact [provider’s name], any other MAiD provider with whom I have a waiver of final consent, and/or the Vancouver Coastal Health Assisted Dying Program.

  • If I lose capacity, I want MAiD to be provided if [provider’s name], in her/his considered judgment, concludes that MAiD is in accordance with my previously expressed wishes and best interests.

  • I understand that, if I am no longer suffering, I won’t be eligible for MAiD.

  • I accept that [provider’s name] may not be available, and is unlikely to be available at short notice.

  • I request subcutaneous or intramuscular sedative medication if appropriate to avoid possible distress due to insertion of intravenous line.

  • [I would like to donate my organs.]

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